People Puppy Chow Recipe

People Puppy Chow

6 ounces of milk chocolate chips

6 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 cup of peanut butter

½ half cup of butter

1 box of Crispix cereal (or any square, crunchy, unsweetened cereal)

2 cups of powdered sugar

Place both types of chocolate chips, the peanut butter and the butter in a microwave safe dish. Microwave 3 minutes more or less, watch the mixture carefully lest it burn. Once this mixture has melted, pour it over the cereal and stir until the cereal is completely coated. Place the coated cereal in a good-sized paper sack along with the powdered sugar. Shake the bag until the cereal is coated, and serve. Keep the mixture stored in a container that is airtight.