MAGIC PARTY PLANNING…Plan Your Magician and Plan Your Party with Sydney Kids Magician. You might only ever have one magic party for your child…so we want you to have your best one! We are not a big site but we hope you can find useful information and resources to help make your magical party an overwhelming success. Enjoy!


You need Magic Party Planning because Sydney kids parties can be exhausting to plan and run. I know people say, “Oh, it’s just a kids party” as if it’s nothing much to organise. But there is SO MUCH to think about and get done for the party to be a success on the day.

Party Food

We have party recipes that are easy to prepare and leave a lasting impression.

Party Themes

We have lots of ideas for party themes that we’re sure will offer some inspiration to get your planning rolling. 

Party Games

If you are looking for party games then we’re happy to say we have those too! Afterall, who wants a boring birthday party???

Colouring Pages

It’s always important at a kids party to keep the children busy. A great way to do this is to give the children some colouring-in to do. It’s a great way to start a party as kids straggle in and it means as soon as a child arrives they can get involved…which is very important for shy children. We have some magical colouring-in picture on this page.

And if you’re having a magic party why not teach the kids a magic trick?! It’s easier than you think. Especially with our download tricks you can print out and use. Check out our magic trick page HERE.

How to Choose a Magician

Now for your magician. If you want a first class magician for your party we have a few good ones you can choose from plus details on how to choose a good magician. Find the details and links on this page.

Legal and Safety

ALWAYS remember to only hire a magician who has their Working With Children Police Check and Public Liability Insurance.

So we hope our little magic party planning website helps you. It focuses towards magic shows and magical party experiences.

We just hope people find it helpful.

Have a great party!

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Birthday Cake Cartoon Image

Watch the Video below for some great activity ideas if you are stuck with things to do for parties or because of Covid-19.