Choosing A Kids Magician. It’s not easy choosing the right magician for your party or event. Check out our thoughts on what can be helpful for you to consider in selecting the best magician for your needs.


Thoughts and Considerations For Choosing a Kids Magician

How to book a Sydney Kids Magician

So you are not sure how to book a kids magician. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. You may only choose a magician once for your child’s birthday or for a family or special event. So, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? It’s a dilemma many parents have raised with me when looking to book someone. The main difficulties people raise with me seem to be;

  • My child wants a magician and I have no idea how to pick one!
  • Lots of magicians say they are the best. Who can I believe?
  • Some advertise saying they are the ‘Number 1 Magician’. How can there be more than one number one? And how can they say they are number 1? What is the proof?
  • Is the most expensive the best one to get?

     They are just a few of the difficulties mums, dads, event organizers, etc, have when trying to choose a magician.  To do my best to answer the above I will first mention what is not really negotiable at all.

Firstly, importantly and non-negotiable!

      Choosing a kids magician, as wonderful as a magician may be, the reality is, you are inviting a stranger to be close to your child/children, and so it is first of all important to make sure the magician has their ‘Working With Children Police Check’. Everyone who has had a police check has a number issued to them. To validate their police check you can request this number from the entertainer together with their date of birth, and validate it online here. 

Public Liability Insurance

        I think making sure the magician has Public Liability Insurance makes good sense. If you have them coming into your own home you may not think its worth worrying about, however, the time to start worrying is when something goes wrong. I don’t use fire or floating children effects in my show, because they only have to fail once and there could be serious repercussions, and costly medical bills. If your party or event is in a function centre then you will most likely find the entertainer will not be allowed in there without being insured. If you want proof the performer is insured you can ask for a copy of their ‘Certificate of Currency’ to be sent to you. They should be able to provide it via email as a .pdf attachment.

Advertising misleading statements that mean nothing really

Here are a few things you may read in sales copy on a magician’s website pages or things they may tell you to try and make a sale.

  • I am the number one magician in Sydney. I’ve seen more than one magician make this statement, so they can’t all be right! (Actually not even one of them is) The truth is no-one can honestly say they are the number one magician based on what really matters, performance. Ask them why the say they are number one. You will most likely see it is an ‘award’ from an advertising site who they pay to advertise on! Nothing to do with the quality of performance.
  • I am the best magician in Sydney. Again, as above, there is no way to tell who is the best based on performance. There are no official awards in Australia.

Magician’s may use such statement as saying they are the Number 1 or the best to try and make their sale. After-all they need the work. Just be a bit wary when it’s used to try and emotionally manipulate you. You may have heard things like….”Oh yes talk to other magicians, but don’t forget I am the ‘Number 1’. As I wrote, saying you are ‘Number 1’ has nothing to do with performance quality so such statements are just trying to be manipulative.

     With online marketing it’s so easy to manipulate advertising platforms. All you have to do is send traffic to your advertisement and it seems you ‘must’ be popular because lots of people visit your advertisement. Of course they are….you sent them!

     Reviews can be helpful, but once again, it’s an area that can and is manipulated. Even Amazon has a big problem with this. You can check out the following page,

Amazon Is Filled With Fake Reviews—Here’s What to Look For

It’s very difficult to tell the real from the fake. Now I am not saying all Sydney Magicians are telling lies on their review pages. I’m just setting the scene as to why I think my way of choosing a magician is worthwhile and maybe even best for you.

Here’s what I suggest when choosing a kids magician for your party or event.

So Then…before you book a kids magician . . . 

1.   Select at least two, preferably three, to consider contacting.

2.   As you look at their websites make of list of questions to ask them.

3.   When you call or write to them ask your questions and make sure they actually properly answer them and not ignore them. Especially in regards to Insurance and Child Safety.

4.   Do they use fire in their shows or any props that could end up being dangerous, like floating a child?

5.   Don’t be pressured with statements such as, “I only have one booking available that day if you book now” or “Call others if you like but I am the best/#1 Magician in Sydney” or the old “No I’m too busy..Oh look at that, I can just squeeze you in.”

6.   Get a selection of fees and make sure you know what’s included for your money. Remember, you may only get a magician once for your child so you want a suitable one. The most expensive may not be the best and the cheapest may not be the worst.

We want you to have a great magic party and to get the best Sydney kids Magician for you.

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